A Leading International Epc And Marine Services Group

NMDC Group is a key player in the field of marine dredging and EPC, operating across a range of sectors, and contributing to some of the region’s most ambitious projects. The Group is made up of four business units: NMDC Dredging & Marine, NMDC Energy (formerly NPCC), NMDC Engineering and NMDC Construction (formerly Emarat Europe).

Our Story

NMDC Group is responsible for delivering some of the most exciting EPC and marine dredging projects in the MENA region and across the globe. We harness 50 years of marine, engineering, procurement, and construction experience to create world-class turnkey solutions in onshore and offshore energy and marine sectors.

Our Group comprises a portfolio of leading companies working at the top of their game to shape the future for the better. By delivering only the best possible outcomes for all our projects, we ensure our clients are ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Through our concerted initiatives over the years, we have raised the industry benchmark, and are today a respected name in our sphere of business, and the first choice for a wide range of complex, high-scope projects.

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الشركات التابعة للمجموعة

NMDC دريدجينج اند مارين

تتخصص شركة NMDC دريدجينج اند مارين في أعمال التجريف والاستصلاح والإنشاءات البحرية، وذلك باستخدام أحدث التقنيات لتقديم مشاريع ذات جودة عالية.

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NMDC اينيرجي

توفر شركة NMDC اينيرجي (شركة الإنشاءات البترولية الوطنية سابقاً) حلولاً شاملة للهندسة والمشتريات والبناء لقطاع الطاقة.

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NMDC اينجنيرينج

تُعد شركة NMDC اينجنيرينج من الشركات الرائدة في دولة الإمارات للاستشارات الهندسية الساحلية والبحرية، والتي تقدم الخبرة في مجالات الهندسة البحرية والمدنية والهيدروليكية والجيوتقنية والبيئية.

NMDC كونستركشن

تُعد شركة NMDC كونستركشن (مصنع إمارات أوروبا سابقاً) شركة رائدة في مجال البناء والهندسة في أبوظبي، وتتخصص في إنشاء وتركيب حلول مسبقة الصنع مستدامة لجميع أنواع البناء.

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  • Global Footprint

    NMDC Group has an extensive global footprint, operating across the UAE, the wider MENA region, South East Asia, and further afield.

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  • Leadership

    NMDC Group is defined by responsible corporate governance, and led by the vision, guidance, and dedication of Group CEO Yasser Zaghloul.

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  • Our Culture

    We are proud of our unique and respectful culture, centered on taking care of our people. Our workforce currently numbers over 18,000 employees representing 65 nationalities.

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  • Fleet and Equipment

    With an extensive fleet and industry leading equipment, NMDC Group has the capabilities to deliver a wide range of projects no matter their scope, scale, or complexity.

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  • Health, Safety And Environment (HSE)

    We do everything we can to protect the health and safety of our employees, enabling them to carry out their duties with confidence, and deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

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  • Accreditations

    Over the years, NMDC Group has earned a number of industry renowned accreditations for the quality of our work.

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