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Mangroves Abu Dhabi

UAE Presidential Court, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Scope Of Work

Mangroves, located in the Eastern Mangrove area, near the Sea Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE, is a very special project executed successfully by NMDC, as an Environmental Project. Through the dredging of the channels and the creation of additional irrigation, the Mangroves have flourished and are expanding. This is, yet another very important historical part of Abu Dhabi, preserved and allowed to blossom and grow. The success can be attributed to the direct result of the past dredging experience NMDC had in another mangrove preservation, where the growth of the Mangroves were rejuvenated and flourished. A very important impact on our environment, project execution where over one Million cubic meters of material was dredged, reclaimed, and used for the area.

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