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Sir Baniyas Island

Urban Development
UAE Presidential Court, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Scope Of Work

One of the largest of the UAE’s islands, Sir Baniyas is to the west of the UAE. Oval-shaped, and approximately spread 11 kilometers north–south and 8.5 kilometers east–west, Sir Baniyas is a diapiric salt dome, formed by the pushing up of Cambrian sediments, over 600 million years old, from deep beneath the earth’s surface. The resulting hills reached a height of around 130 meters, and was surrounded by later sediments, including extensive areas of Miocene rocks, around 5 to 8 million years old.

NMDC’s experience in Sir Baniyas Island dates as far back into the year 1984 with the reclamation of about 29 mil m3, and the subsequent additional volumes in 1999/2000.

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