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LTA for Safaniya Slipover (4 Nos) with Associated P/Ls & Cables - OOK / IK

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Completed, 2018 - 2021 ( 37 Months )
Contract Type
Contract Value
Scope Of Work

Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Transportation, Installation, Hookup and Pre-commissioning in SFNY field of:

  • 4 Slipover Jackets and Decks in Central SFNY field which require demolition of the existing jacket and topsides.
  • Installation of subsea infrastructure (5 Valve Skids, 1 Rigid Pipeline, 4 Lateral Rigid Spools, 3 Flexible Lateral Flowlines, 4 Submarine Umbilicals, 4 Submarine cables, ICCP Anode Sleds & associated cables for 4 platforms)
  • Disconnection and reconnection of facilities to subsea infrastructure (1 Submarine Umblilical in SFNY-93 , 406/410)
  • Demolition of all the existing wellhead platform jackets and decks and existing pipeline demolition.
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